If you really want to take your online poker game onto another level in terms of making money then I thoroughly advise you to start looking at your poker as a business rather than as just simply playing poker. If you took a sales person for instance and one that was very good at their job then would this person be successful in business? Well they might be but then again they might not? There is only a marginal connection between someone who is good at sales and also good in business.

This is similar to playing poker and why do you think that many world class poker players are broke? They are broke because they don’t look at their poker like a business despite being exceptional players in the art of playing the game. They often make mistakes like poor game selection or their expenses are too high travelling to games or they are simply not practicing sound bankroll management. If you look in business then business location, overheads and available capital are all key areas as to why businesses struggle or fail.

An ordinary poker player can make an awful lot of Judi Bola money playing poker simply by being businesslike in their methods. For example a player who made a deal with an online poker site and received a far greater than industry standard rake deal could catapult their earnings into six figures just playing relatively low stakes. If you doubt what I say then consider this. I know players who play ten tables at NL50 full-ring and earn $50/hour with rakeback. Playing full-time makes this a $100k/year income.

But yet someone who was playing $10-$20 could be making far less money despite being a far better player technically. This could be because the games at that level were far tougher and so less value or because they kept on playing $25-$50 or higher and taking shots and losing money against world class players. So this player could be bleeding money and only making $60k a year despite being far better technically than the NL50 player.

I know many businesses who struggled after they expanded and became bigger. There is an optimal level in business just like there is an optimal level in poker and the correct business decision involves identifying that level and maximizing what you can make at that level. We cannot all be Alan Sugar or Richard Branson in the same way that we cannot all be high-stakes poker players. But with business like concepts then we can make very good money from poker and in an awful lot of cases we can make more money than players are far higher levels. During my own poker career, I found out that I could make far more money when I simply became far more humble. As soon as I stopped trying to make colossal amounts of money then I sort of found nirvana within the game.