Continuing on with March’s topic of the month, Managing Uncertainty, this week I’d like to focus on a topic that’s top of mind for many members of the Council – regulation.

On just about every other call I do with members – regardless of whether they are located in North America, the UK, or Australia – regulatory challenges surface. Whether on concerns regarding Dodd-Frank, Basel iii, or the FSA, our members operate in an environment of frequent change and uncertainty. We’re forced to adapt our processes to accommodate for recent change, stay up-to-date and develop capacity planning for potential changes down the road – all while maintaining current daily operations.

To help firms manage their day to day despite this fluctuating environment, we’ve created the Operations Council Financial Regulatory Reform Resource Center. This center serves as a central location for the most pertinent news on regulation reform, as well as for resources, tips, and best practices for executives managing the day-to-day through all this uncertainty. To keep up-to-date on latest news on financial regulation, check back every Monday for our Top Headlines of the Week. (For any UK members, you may want to consult a brief published by our sister research group, TowerGroup, on the Breakup of the Financial Services Authority.