Do you want to drive real traffic to your website and that too cheap website traffic? Well, first you need to understand from where you can get free traffic and what are the methods to be employed to drive free website traffic to your website?


The cheapest and best sources are always obtained free of cost. But, it needs sufficient internet marketing knowledge and expertise to get cheap website traffic.


Generally, everyone adopts the simple and easier route to get website traffic. The well known strategy is to go for Google Adwords which is quite expensive. So, to get cheap website traffic, opting for Google Adwords is ruled out. Then, what is the simplest and excellent way of getting cheap website traffic?


Majority of internet marketers use these techniques effectively to drive targeted web traffic to their websites and that too cheap website traffic. Some of the cheap website traffic techniques are discussed below:


Free Ads: The first and foremost site that you should opt for is free Playable Ads sites like USfreeAds. If you Google for Free Advertising sites, you will get a large number of sites. You can pick and choose about 4 to 5 sites of your choice. However, USfreeads is the best site in its genre.


Social Networking Sites: Next, opt for social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Myspace, Orkut and so on. You will get targeted traffic from these sites which enjoy high reputation. However, you need to follow certain basic rules of these social networking sites to derive maximum cheap website traffic.


Article Directories: Another source of cheap website traffic is posting quality articles on Article Directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Articlebase and so on. By posting eminently readable article, you will be considered as an expert in the field and people tend to visit your site for more information. This will drive a lot of cheap traffic to your site.


Press Releases: Another way to drive traffic to your site is through press releases. Prepare a press release and send it to sites like PRweb . You will get wide coverage through press releases and also improves your sites search rankings on search engines.


Blogging: Yet another cheap website traffic method is  through blogging. You can blog regularly and also comment on other blog sites. This strategy combined with RSS feeds and social networking site will yield a rich source of cheap website traffic.


By adopting these proven traffic methods, you will become more successful at getting cheap website traffic. It is advisable to use these techniques in combination to achieve maximum results.