Driving Your Employees Toward Inefficiency?

As frequent readers of our blog will know, we’ve focused a lot in the past weeks on the concept of exposing Operations’ hidden inefficiencies. These are opportunities for sustainable cost reduction that often lay under the radar for most executives and can remain undetected while generating significant sources of waste for the firm. Waste or […]

Keep Your Focus Despite Regulatory Change

Continuing on with March’s topic of the month, Managing Uncertainty, this week I’d like to focus on a topic that’s top of mind for many members of the Council – regulation. On just about every other call I do with members – regardless of whether they are located in North America, the UK, or Australia […]

Why Traditional Cost Cutting Won’t Bring You Sustainable Cost Reduction

In our recent study on Trends Impacting Operations in 2012, we discussed a key challenge facing many members today: continued year on year cost reduction. Despite the cuts made across financial services in recent years, over 60% of Operations executives are forced to reduce their budgets further in 2012. But while traditional budget reduction strategies […]