There is a new game on the market for the Kindle e-reader and it can help you learn blackjack. If you’re like me, upon reading that sentence you thought the following: there are games for the Kindle?

Yes, apparently there are. I always thought of the Kindle simply as an e-reader, a device that lets you read electronic books. It seems that they also have games now, probably as a way of competing with Apple’s popular but practically useless iPad.

So there are games for the Kindle, and one of them is a blackjack game that allows you to not only play the game, but also learn while you play. The name of the game is very clever: Blackjack.

Yeah, that’s it. The game is offered for free on and it is offered by Amazon Digital Services. The Blackjack Kindle game allows you to play hands of blackjack against a computer dealer. The game is only for play; there is no real-money wagering here. The game has all of the standard rules, though, so you should split, Togel Online double, hit and stand in the appropriate times.

One of the best features of the game is the hint feature. At any time, a player can ask the game for a hint and it will tell you, using blackjack basic strategy, what move you should make in that situation. The game also encourages you to learn basic strategy. There is a running counter that keeps track of how many consecutive times you make the correct decision without asking for a hint. By correct decision, they mean the decision suggested by basic strategy, rather than whether or not the decision works out for you.

For anyone who owns a Kindle, this is another good way to learn basic strategy. By using the hint feature, you can learn as you go and find out how following the correct strategy impacts your pretend bankroll. Plus, the game is free, and I will try most games that are free.

Pennsylvania bans negligent parents from casinos

In what has become a disturbing and ridiculous problem, the state of Pennsylvania has banned two more negligent parents from its state’s casinos. Fajiao Sun and Xin Li were both arrested on the same day, at different times, for leaving their children unattended while they played virtual blackjack at the Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Now the state has banned both of them from all casinos within the state.

Back on February 14, 2010, Sun was arrested for leaving his 10-year-old daughter at the entrance for the parking lot while he played virtual blackjack at the casino. Later that same day, in an unrelated incident, Li was arrested for leaving two sons, one five and one six years of age, at the parking lot entrance. Authorities say that in both cases, the children were abandoned for in excess of 45 minutes.

Earlier today, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has placed both of them on the involuntary casino exclusion list, which means that there are not legally allowed to set foot in any casino located in the state. Li and Sun now make a total of 10 adults who have been banned from the casinos, including two men who allegedly committed the same crime.

On December 17, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board banned Donald Waige and Paul Gargas. Waige was arrested in June 2010 for leaving his 15-month-old son in the car while he played casino games. Gargas was arrested in August for leaving his two sons, ages seven and 12, in the car while he played at the casino.

When people think about responsible gambling, they usually are referring to money management, but as these cases show, being responsible also means putting parenting before your enjoyment of casino games. Players in Pennsylvania will either have to be responsible on their own or be barred from the casinos by the state.