Becoming a successful professional blackjack player whether online or off is one of the most difficult gambling professions to have as a career. Unlike other games such as poker, blackjack is highly variable and a true professional must be ready mentally for the varying runs of the game. Any serious blackjack player will have already mastered basic blackjack strategy and most likely will employ or know about all of the card counting systems and how to use them effectively. These basic tools are essential for the serious pro to understand how the game works and how to leverage the odds of blackjack to minimize the house edge.

Once you have memorized basic strategy, the odds of the game and various card counting systems you are on your way to becoming a serious blackjack player, but you need a bankroll and a big one at that. Most professional blackjack players planning to play at the $25 min. tables will not even consider going full-time unless they have at least a $20,000 bankroll to work with. That may seem like quite a lot at those stakes, but keep in mind those are the minimum bets and you are going to be increasing your bet on the good runs. The other reason is that since blackjack is so variable, it is always good to have extra cash on hand in case you hit a very cold streak so you can ensure that your bankroll does not go bust.

Another important point that professional ทางเข้า789bet blackjack players must focus on is which games they want to focus on playing. Since you are already familiar with the popular blackjack variations, you should have an idea of how the different blackjack games operate with relation to rules, strategy and odds. Choosing which game you will regularly focus on is important for several reasons:

Strategy differs based on game so picking a game with a strategy you are comfortable with is important

By sticking to a regular game you will get a feeling for the swings over time as you continue to play

It is important to pick a game that you like as you will be continuously playing each day

Not only is the game an important variable but the players are to. Ask any professional blackjack player and he will tell you the best blackjack table to play at is the one where it is just you and the dealer. The reason for this is that having other players at the table (especially rookies) will drastically affect your win rate and odds at the table as they will not make the correct decisions based on proper blackjack strategy. Avoiding this in online blackjack is quite easy but in land-based casinos it is recommended to either play alone (which you can do if you play higher limits or befriend a pit boss) or to play at tables where the players have demonstrated to you that they understand and use basic strategy when they play.

The last element that is absolutely vital in becoming a professional blackjack player is self-discipline, a cool head and an understanding with the game of blackjack. Blackjack can be a very frustrating game, but as a professional you understand the odds, how they work and that sometimes you will lose. This is probably the single factor that breaks most professional players. You need to come to terms with the fact that in the end, blackjack is gamble. Having a respect for this and an even-tempered attitude no matter how the cards come will make you are far more successful blackjack player than letting the outcomes effect you.

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