keluaran hk Player Caught Stealing, Banned for Life

There are two ways to steal money at a poker tournament: with guns, like in the recent German poker heist, or with sleight of hand, like this week in the World Series of keluaran hk . Instead of prison, the thief now faces a humiliating lifetime ban. In the third level of play of a […]

White House Responds to togel Singapore Poker Players Alliance’s Petition

After receiving a petition scripted by the togel Singapore Poker Players Alliance approximately eight months ago, the Obama administration recently issued a response prepared by Brian Deese, the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council.  While Deese’s response acknowledges that the legal status of certain Internet gambling activities, including online poker, “is dependent upon the law […]

togel hongkong Variations: Triple 7s

Just when you think you have blackjack all figured out – you learned basic strategy and counting cards – they start throwing all of these variations at you to confuse you. There are togel hongkong variations like Spanish 21, pontoon and extreme 21 commonly found at brick and mortar and online casinos. Some online casinos have […]

Blackjack game available for Kindle

Togel Online

There is a new game on the market for the Kindle e-reader and it can help you learn blackjack. If you’re like me, upon reading that sentence you thought the following: there are games for the Kindle? Yes, apparently there are. I always thought of the Kindle simply as an e-reader, a device that lets […]

Rushmore’s $1000 Blackjack Bonus


I don’t want to sound like a cantankerous old man who always whines and complains about things, but sometimes it happens. One of my complaints about online casinos is that sometimes it seems like blackjack players are treated like second-class citizens. Sure, for the online slot players they bend over backwards to be accommodating. Each […]

Become An Online Professional Blackjack Player

Becoming a successful professional blackjack player whether online or off is one of the most difficult gambling professions to have as a career. Unlike other games such as poker, blackjack is highly variable and a true professional must be ready mentally for the varying runs of the game. Any serious blackjack player will have already […]


Holy Vible

An old blues song proclaims, “No one’s blinder than he who just won’t see.” That is especially true regarding God and His word. The person who fails to believe in scripture, though he may think his vision is perfect, will discover, hopefully before it is too late, that he has been blind and is in […]